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simple audit

It all starts with an audit, not just a basic cosmetic audit but rather a thorough detail-oriented audit. We cover everything from Insurance Contracts to Insurance Payments, and Patient Payments, etc. As we work on this, we send regular updates to your office on our findings. In the end, a comprehensive meeting is held with your practice. We are always transparent and will tell you if you need us or not.


99% Accuracy

peace of mind

Even 5% in billing and coding mistakes are costing you 15% or more in lost revenue

our claim guarantee 


100% Of claims paid to you, we pay the insurance allowable to the provider… details below

Communication Is Essential

communication with you

We speak with the provider and office staff to know their concerns about patient processing. We find out how they like to arrange their office flow, what information they need for a smooth workflow, and what are their expectations of us. At this meeting, we also let the office know what information we will need to do our work.


competent coding

The field of Billing and Coding has constant changes, news, and updates. At MBS, we work through the insurance maze and keep you updated on all the news.


error free billing

We understand that each practice has different needs, so we build our billing service to fit the needs of your practice. We work directly with doctors and staff to organize a workflow that works for you.


impeccable support

Our team is dedicated to maintaining a successful and worry-free account for your practice.

Non-Pay Claim Cost

Non-payment and rejected claims can be very costly to a practice. Claim corrections can take anywhere from 30 mins 5 or more days, depending on the errors. Realizing the actual payment can take 1 to 6 months if the claim does not clear with the first submission.

Accuracy of billing & Our guaranteed work

Once the claim is submitted, we follow it very closely. Any non-pay or claim rejections are worked on the same day we receive them. Once resubmitted, we closely follow the claim. We check status on insurance portal and call insurance representative whenever needed.

If by any chance, all these firewalls are not able to get a claim paid and the reason for non-pay is the fault of billing department, we pay the insurance allowable amount to the provider.
In this way, provider is always guaranteed payment on a claim.


Accuracy of claim submissions


Reasons for claim rejections


We identify patterns in non-pay claims


Your satisfaction is our priority

Just a few of many of our happy clients

I am SO excited to hear this news! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for all of your hard work on our accounts! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and your team! Happy New Year! – Dr. M
I have the utmost confidence in your skills and professionalism. – T. Practice Management
Hope all is well and you had a great holiday. I appreciate all the good work you have done over the last year. – Dr. C
I greatly appreciate all of your help and everything you have done for us! She is on a much better path now and your expertise has already been invaluable! I truly hope good things happen for this office and if they do, I honestly think you will be behind most of those initiatives. – P. Ophthalmology

Even more references available on request…

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